Individual Therapy (counseling) provides individuals the opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist to address and explore all aspects of life which may be causing stress or require attention.  Factors such as feelings, life goals, intimacy, relationship needs, work-related stressors, childhood traumas, coping, adjustment, and problem-solving are all appropriately addressed.

Couple’s Therapy focuses on relationship factors such as conflict resolution, communication, intimacy, and trust-building.  Couple’s Therapy provides the opportunity for a clinically trained professional to serve as a neutral party, helping to resolve unresolved past issues affecting the current state of the relationship while working on preparing for the future.

Family Therapy is used to address factors affecting mental or emotional state of the family unit such as parenting, major life changes related to relocation, employment, developmental milestones, or interpersonal needs of the family unit.  The goal of Family Therapy is to restore conflict, alleviate stressors and teach effective communication and conflict resolution using mutually agreed upon goals, mutual respect, and both empathy and sympathy for each member.

For Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) Interns is available. Please contact us for consultation needs
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A Life Coaching incorporates the use of professional training to serve as an ally, a supporter, a motivator to help maximize your potential, attain set goals, and implement accountability.  This method differs from traditional therapy in the sense that its primality focus is on achieving set goals.

When an individual is diagnosed with a disabling condition leading to both visible and invisible disabilities, society often perceives them as being diseased, broken, or incapable. Oftentimes, these views subconsciously impact the individual’s outlook and prognosis. Appropriate counseling interventions focus not only on adjustment and acceptance but also on adaptability and integration. Therapeutic services offered focus on addressing both conscious and subconscious factors affecting the emotional state.
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